Cowboys-Falcons Saturday Night Game of the Year!

Tony Romo has been the discussion of the alliance going from relative lack of clarity to dating Jessica Simpson. Be that as it may, a week ago against the New Orleans Saints, he looked more like a back up than a starter on the, at that point, most smoking group in the NFC. Romo and the Cowboys will attempt to bounce back this Saturday night down in Atlanta against the flooding Falcons.


The Cowboys were a  นักเตะดังลีกเอิง   powerful train heading for a division title with a full head of steam until they were wrecked on their side of the tracks 42-17 by New Orleans. Dallas is hoping to bounce back in order to clinch in any event the Wild Card this end of the week on the off chance that they win and get some assistance from a couple different groups.


Romo shouldn’t take all the warmth for Dallas’ misfortune as the Cowboys’ barrier was destroyed by Drew Brees. The Saints had 536 yards of all out offense which was the most at any point picked up against America’s Team at Texas Stadium. Dallas may get a break this week as the Falcons’ main two running backs may not be all set this end of the week. Dunn has a calf injury and Norwood a knee injury. They are recorded as faulty however I would anticipate that them should play as this is an absolute necessity dominate match for Atlanta to keep its season finisher trusts alive. On the off chance that Dunn and Norwood are out, I don’t anticipate that that should tremendously influence the Falcons as Dallas is strong against the run at any rate. Vicks arm and legs become imperative in this matchup. The Falcons will probably hope to get tight end Alge Crumpler coordinated facing linebackers to exploit the confound.


Vick will probably take on to a greater extent a running job this week and not really with planned runs. Expect Vick to hope to make more plays with his legs in drop back circumstances. Vick needs only 35 yards to pass Bobby Douglass for the most surging yards by a quarterback in a solitary season. There’s no doubt as far as I can tell that he gets that, yet will he go crazy on the Cowboys? I have nailed the matchup among Vick and the Dallas resistance.


We can rely on the way that Dallas won’t come out level this week, particularly on edge side of the ball. Yet, an overactive resistance that is too squeezed can be tricky when confronting Vick as he frequently makes you pay for over interest. Will Parcells lose a little confidence in Romo and run the ball somewhat more this week? Will Romo end up being more full grown than a first-year starter and ricochet back solid or will the Falcons run through their third win in succession and remain in the season finisher race? Jeff Alexander knows precisely how this game will play out and is prepared to convey his greatest Saturday night round of the year.

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